A coding dojo

November 1, 2009

I’m going to experiment with a coding dojo this week. I’m hoping to show that everyone can learn something new when they start pairing with people and trying out TDD. The response to my invitation was better than expected with only one or two people from the entire office not registering an interest.

We’ll be basing it on the Randori (Finnish) approach with one keyboard/mouse and a large screen so that everyone can see. The first session will have 3 pairs and we’ll be tackling my Resource Scheduler TDD problem. I’ll give them the first test for free then the fisrt pair will make the test pass, write a test for the next pair, then bring in the next pair.

I’ll post up a report of how it went along with details of the problem later.


One Response to “A coding dojo”

  1. Joe Wright said

    That sounds great Gordon. I’m constantly changing my format for Dojos. People get the most out of Randori I feel, but the individual pairs is usually the most fun (compared to effort by a moderator).

    I’m having a free Coding Dojo weekend this month in Glasgow if you or anyone else at your company are interested: http://www.joejag.com/wp/2009/10/uks-first-code-retreat-this-november

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